MS Dhoni – Role Model Beyond Cricket

There are many legends in Indian sport, more so in Indian cricket for it being the most popular sport in the country.  But, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a different breed among them.

Obvious From The Early Days

The Boyish MS From His Early Days

From the boy next door look with long hair to the whitish beard looks of the latest, he has gone a long way in terms of physicality but little did change regarding his overall personality.  He started as a flamboyant hitter of the long ball and more than handy wicket-keeper but grew as one of the all-time greatest captains the cricket has seen, a rarity in India.

Strong Physically And Mentally

What I like more about him is the mental aspect of him, the way he carries himself on and off the field.  Very rarely can you see him frustrated or agitated and when you carry aspirations of a billion people on the ground, keeping calm is the hardest thing to do.  He had the same demeanor, be it a spectacular win or pathetic loss.  As a captain, he was uncannily shrewd and deceptive in strategies.

Terrific Man Manager

Another aspect of him I like is the way he manages to extract the best out of the players no matter what the situation is, which makes him really special.  A captain like him is the best a player can ask for and the one to emulate.

Great Orating Skills

Many may ignore, the best part of MS, as he is fondly called, to me is his speeches and post-match interviews are immensely educative and informative.  The way he dissects each and every aspect of the nuances of the game is top-notch.   The spontaneity of his responses to queries and uncluttering expressions make him a treat to watch.  He never shies away from making harsh observations but at the same time, everything seems justified in whatever he does.

Never Thinks Ahead Of Him

He never allowed success and fame to get into his mind and always has been a down-to-earth individual, making him the darling of the billions of cricket fans across the globe.

The Man To Look At

Finally but the most important of all, the way he choose to retire from Indian colors is the most dignified.  From a sport that is lucrative both in terms of fame and finance, he stepped almost without any drama as such and should be a lesson to all those who want to hang on to the thin hair even when everything is over.

I always say to my kids or for that matter any kid, if you want to be successful in life, be like MS in whatever you do.