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Of Dope & Hope

That Maria Sharapova failed a dope test, last year, was nothing new. A swift flashback would reveal that it was Martina Hingis before her - one of tennis' princess charming - who carried that jinxed alchemy for doping. That Hingis retired from tennis and is now on a new-fangled winning spree, in ...more

Kafelnikov 2000

When Yevgeny Kafelnikov deservedly won his second Aussie Open singles crown in succession - his third Grand Slam title in five years, it was for him the perfect icing on the cake, thanks or no thanks to Pete Sampras. Kafelnikov's cerebral skills were just as good as his racquet skills and the fau...more

Limits of Being a Genius

Tennis, in more ways than one, is akin to formulation: of what to do, how, when, and where. Agreed that anybody can hit forehands, backhands, serves, and volleys; but, for the best, and the gifted, tennis is a game of intelligence - a sport that is not only played with a ball and a racquet, but betw...more

The Red-Hot Chilean

It goes without saying, that, Marcelo Rios was one of the flashiest tennis players on the ATP circuit.  That's the truth - the whole truth. Because, any truth that needs proof is only half true? Not really, especially in Rios' case - any which way you look at it. Simple reason. Rios was in the...more

‘King’ Carlos

When Carlos Moya, the man with the mighty forehand, once put aside Cedric Pioline's challenge at the US$2.45-million Monte Carlo Open, the former Australian Open finalist became the fifth Spaniard to claim the prestigious trophy at the classy clay-court event. Moya followed in the footsteps of co...more

McEnroe: The Last Hurrah

It was all sentimental stuff. When John McEnroe reached the last four stage at Wimbledon, only his diehard, most loyal of fans expected the unexpected from him. That John faded so tamely really did not matter to most, in the one main hurdle to the finals, which the vintage artiste had himself not dr...more

Rafter Rules

The Wizard of Oz, Patrick Rafter, came, saw, and conquered Chennai, all right, and, in the process, the prestigious Gold Flake Indian Open Tennis tournament.  It was a grand singles triumph - a triumph writ large in letters of gold.  A victory that did the 1997 US Open champion a world of good...more

Becker’s Second Serve

There's a touch of philosophy with every facet of life.  More so, for any sportsmen. The day a sportsman hangs his boots is, sometimes, the best day. The genius in Boris Becker knew that only too well. The only way he could have changed the equation was by not growing up.  Rather, he'd have...more

Muster Calling

When Thomas Muster, tennis' own armageddon, won the Lipton Tennis Championship, beating Spain's classy player Sergei Brugguera in a positively gruelling match, it was the great man's own signal triumph over tremendous odds. For one who had his left knee crushed by an intoxicated driver on a super...more