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Can Badminton Be The New Cricket In India

Cricket is inarguably the most popular sport in India.   It is not farfetched to say there isn't an Indian who is not familiar with cricket stars.   Cricket is a sport that is likened in India by urban as well as rural people across ages, from a kinder kids to octagenarians.    As someone righ...more

Five Non-Cricket Indian Sport Stars I Admire

India is not a country for sports (Cricket being an exception).  Most Indians know only Cricket as a sport but things seem to be changing recently for the good.  I have been an ardent follower of sport, especially Indian sport and it's stars for the last 3 decades.


The Gandhian Olympian

His supreme athletic excellence had always been an evolution of mind: a progression of modes of response: from the simple to the compound, from the compound to the complex, from reflex to tropism, and from tropism to instinct. His prowess was also obvious: nothing beneath science, nor above it. Appa...more

‘Coupling’ it Up

For Fred Couples, the 'Boom-Boom' man of golf, life had, sort of, gone up and down with golf - the graphics of the game to be precise. Add to this a fussy, messy and stressful first marriage, which finally ended in divorce, and you had had the theme song of one's burden when things go wrong. It was ...more

The Modern Owens

The genius of Carl Lewis, modern athletics' version of Jesse Owens, the legendary Olympian, was always obvious.  But, in professional sports, it's easy to get emotionally lost, particularly when you are performing below expectation. Linking who you are as a person with how you do on the playin...more

O’Meara: The Mark of A Champion

His name is Mark O'Meara. He was to golf what Arjuna Ranatunga was to cricket - a matter of steadfast temperament, perseverance, constancy, and professional design. The quaint similitude did not, however, end there. O'Meara, like the diminutive Sri Lankan Test and one-day skipper, had every asset th...more

Bannister’s Magic Run

He's a British sporting hero upholding impeccable standards, an archetypal athlete, strong in both will and mind. Self-effacing, suave, and gracious, he also - in the truly Churchillian sense - espoused the famed bulldog tenacity, a never-say-die attitude that's remarkably inconsistent, if not wanti...more

No One Like ‘Mount Fuji’

When Chiyonofuji, the `king' of sumo wrestling, retired from the sport, several moons ago, he could not stop his heart to rule his mind.  For once, the huge man had tears in his eyes. His farewell was emotional. It revealed his human side - the human side of one of the game's most feared and ruth...more