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Areas to Focus on for Getting Fit for Cricket

Cricket has the unfair reputation of being an undemanding sport to those unfamiliar with it. It looks like a simple backyard game compared to the more well-known basketball and football. But the sport can put a lot of strain on a body. To be successful in cricket, you...more

MS Dhoni – Role Model Beyond Cricket

There are many legends in Indian sport, more so in Indian cricket for it being the most popular sport in the country.  But, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a different breed among them.

Obvious From The Early Days

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India Comfortable At The End Of Day 3

India ended day three of the first test match between India and South Africa in the upper hand closing at 16/1 with Rahul and Shradhul Thakur, the nightwatchman, at the crease in their second innings.   Mayank Agarwal was the batsman out caught by wicket-keeper off the bowling of Jansen for 4. more

English Sonata & Dilemma

The spectacular scenery of the English countryside is as quaint as its wonderful 'innovation' - the willow game. Generations of cricket aspirants, and professionals, from the world over, have reached the shores of England, and played the game in the English circuit with enthusiasm, conscientiousn...more

Whither Kenya Cricket?

First, the flashback. It's a paradox that is part of life itself. Of difference too - a virtual duality of both design and presence. Long thought to be minnows, Kenya delivered a superb KO punch, which would have made Muhammed Ali proud - not just in terms of its inspired performances, but at lea...more

Taylor: Mark of Class

Mark Taylor, who played his last Test match in January 1999, exemplified the game's most basic motif - selflessness in the light of having almost reached the highest level of individual achievement, like no other leader in contemporary sport. Flashback. The genteel manner in which he 'gy...more

Soft & Tough As Gough

Darren Gough won the Vodafone England Cricketer of the Year award, 15 years ago... When Darren Gough arrived on the English cricket horizon like a breath of fresh air, the otherwise reticent, and tight-lipped Poms lost no time in heralding the onset of the Gough Era. Critics too joined the bandwa...more

A Test Team For All Seasons

It's too difficult a task to select one's own 'best-ever' India Test side. First, you tend to have your own favourite players - call it personal bias, or what you may. Besides, the fact remains that any selection, at the individualistic level, is wrought with 'ideological' problems. It adds to a dil...more

Up & Down Calypso

To state that the once-mighty West Indies Test, and one-day, side is in the doldrums, or the abyss of its existence, unless a miracle of a turnaround happens, would be an understatement. It's a poignant story, or clipped commentary, on how things have changed - more so, when the county's futuristic ...more


Cricket is a game of mystical charm. Of the psyche and soma. Of a balance of the human organism - a harmony of art and evolution. Of changing patterns, where only the fittest survive, following which they pave the way for new stars to blossom forth and drape the game with their high-fidelity exploit...more