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Best Indoor Sport Stadia In The World

Stadia in general require a lot of hard work, planning, and finances to build.  There are a lot of challenges in making a stadium to take the shape as visualized and indoor stadia in particular need a lot of skill and precision to complete.  Here, we shall look at the top indoor stadia in the worl...more

MS Dhoni – Role Model Beyond Cricket

There are many legends in Indian sport, more so in Indian cricket for it being the most popular sport in the country.  But, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a different breed among them.

Obvious From The Early Days

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India Comfortable At The End Of Day 3

India ended day three of the first test match between India and South Africa in the upper hand closing at 16/1 with Rahul and Shradhul Thakur, the nightwatchman, at the crease in their second innings.   Mayank Agarwal was the batsman out caught by wicket-keeper off the bowling of Jansen for 4. more

Can Badminton Be The New Cricket In India

Cricket is inarguably the most popular sport in India.   It is not farfetched to say there isn't an Indian who is not familiar with cricket stars.   Cricket is a sport that is likened in India by urban as well as rural people across ages, from a kinder kids to octagenarians.    As someone righ...more

Five Non-Cricket Indian Sport Stars I Admire

India is not a country for sports (Cricket being an exception).  Most Indians know only Cricket as a sport but things seem to be changing recently for the good.  I have been an ardent follower of sport, especially Indian sport and it's stars for the last 3 decades.