Areas to Focus on for Getting Fit for Cricket

Cricket has the unfair reputation of being an undemanding sport to those unfamiliar with it. It looks like a simple backyard game compared to the more well-known basketball and football. But the sport can put a lot of strain on a body. To be successful in cricket, you need to condition your body in several ways. So, if you want to start playing cricket, even at a low level, you should focus on four fitness areas and getting fit for cricket.

1. Getting fast

One of the essential skills you need in cricket is speed. Executing quick movements is necessary for both offensive and defensive plays. Running between wickets and the field needs speed so you have to build it up. Get a good pair of mens running shoes and start practising short sprints. Usually, cricketers will need to run from between seven to forty meters. Focus on that distance and maximise speed. This ensures your best performance on the field.

2. Keeping your balance and coordination

You do not want to fall at the wrong time in cricket. This can be the difference between catching the ball or hitting it. Balance and coordination are considered as one area of training since they both complement each other. With proper balance, you can move smoothly on the field. To work on this, you can do balance beam exercises. Used mainly by gymnasts, simply walking on beams can enhance your body’s balance. Without a balance beam, you can do single-leg balancing exercises on your own. Focus on keeping upright as long as possible and you will soon get the hang of it.

3. Enhancing your strength

When you are bowling wickets in cricket, it is your strength that allows your bowls to be faster. Working on your arm strength is necessary for this. Additionally, stronger muscles all over your body will allow you to avoid injuries. Strength training exercises usually come in the form of weight training. Bench presses and similar workouts can build up your upper body. Don’t forget your lower body with lunges and squats.

4. Building your endurance

Cricket is notorious for its long matches. Even with the current rules, cricket matches can take some time. The result is that you might be standing on the cricket field for a long period. Additionally, you will be performing to the best of your abilities. If you don’t have endurance, you will get tired fast. Build it up with long runs and aerobic exercises. You can do it with a simple jump rope, too. Increase your workout time as you get used to the effort, and you will be able to have staying power on the field.

Making your body ready for playing cricket is more than just about helping win games. An adequately prepared body is much more able to handle injuries. It can be surprising what sort of injuries you can get from playing cricket. Follow the exercise regimens above and get fit. You will soon be ready to face anyone on the field and score a win for your team.