The Voice of Cricket

John Arlott’s golden modulation ruled the waves during the golden age of the radio — the most formidable of all broadcasting endeavours, and precursor of instant audio-video communiqué that is so ubiquitous and profound today. It still does, in memory, 35+ years after the broadcaster’s Don Br...more

‘Coupling’ it Up

For Fred Couples, the ‘Boom-Boom’ man of golf, life had, sort of, gone up and down with golf — the graphics of the game to be precise. Add to this a fussy, messy and stressful first marriage, which finally ended in divorce, and you had had the theme song of one’s burden when things go wrong....more

Kafelnikov 2000

When Yevgeny Kafelnikov deservedly won his second Aussie Open singles crown in succession — his third Grand Slam title in five years, it was for him the perfect icing on the cake, thanks or no thanks to Pete Sampras. Kafelnikov’s cerebral skills were just as good as his racquet skills and the...more