McEnroe: The Last Hurrah

It was all sentimental stuff. When John McEnroe reached the last four stage at Wimbledon, only his diehard, most loyal of fans expected the unexpected from him. That John faded so tamely really did not matter to most, in the one main hurdle to the finals, which the vintage artiste had himself not dr...more

Woods Stock

When ‘Tiger’ Woods took Augusta by storm, several moons ago, he was only doing what was  expected of him: breaking records, and sending established dominoes of uncertainty down the game’s hallowed alley. That’s not all. In just seven months, since he turned pro, Woods had mesmerised the ...more

Up & Down Calypso

To state that the once-mighty West Indies Test, and one-day, side is in the doldrums, or the abyss of its existence, unless a miracle of a turnaround happens, would be an understatement. It’s a poignant story, or clipped commentary, on how things have changed — more so, when the county’s futur...more

Football’s Quiet Hero

Gary Lineker was football’s quiet hero: a man who had been scoring goals, all his life; one who started scoring goals, at the proverbial drop of a hat, ever since he was eight. Through his teens, Lineker scored so many of them that he was invited to train with his local side, Leicester City, wh...more

Rafter Rules

The Wizard of Oz, Patrick Rafter, came, saw, and conquered Chennai, all right, and, in the process, the prestigious Gold Flake Indian Open Tennis tournament.  It was a grand singles triumph — a triumph writ large in letters of gold.  A victory that did the 1997 US Open champion a world of good ...more

Becker’s Second Serve

There’s a touch of philosophy with every facet of life.  More so, for any sportsmen. The day a sportsman hangs his boots is, sometimes, the best day. The genius in Boris Becker knew that only too well. The only way he could have changed the equation was by not growing up.  Rather, he’d have...more