Cricket is a game of mystical charm. Of the psyche and soma. Of a balance of the human organism — a harmony of art and evolution. Of changing patterns, where only the fittest survive, following which they pave the way for new stars to blossom forth and drape the game with their high-fidelity explo...more

‘Golf’ the Drive Right

Edward Wilson is inarguably the world’s most celebrated biologist. He has more to his genius than his passionate vocation — his subject of amplified wisdom. His refined premise into a synthesis of all ways of knowing has a powerful base, all right — a plea that calls for the fundamental unity ...more

The Spirit of Sport

Welcome to my nostalgia [and, occasional 'contempo'] blogsite... Sport, like meditation, is nothing short of a spiritual act. It is not just a licence to waging battles from ‘within and without,’ where your conformity to biomechanics and sporting skills cannot be separated from the quest for...more

Lions’ Saga: Down Memory Lane

The year: 1969. The match: Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, versus England. The atmosphere at Colombo was electric. What’s more, with John Snow in full flow, the emerald isle’s early batsmen, from whom much was expected, were soon cooling their heels in the pavilion. Enter, 22-year-old Anura Tennekoon fro...more

Muster Calling

When Thomas Muster, tennis’ own armageddon, won the Lipton Tennis Championship, beating Spain’s classy player Sergei Brugguera in a positively gruelling match, it was the great man’s own signal triumph over tremendous odds. For one who had his left knee crushed by an intoxicated driver on a...more

No One Like ‘Mount Fuji’

When Chiyonofuji, the `king’ of sumo wrestling, retired from the sport, several moons ago, he could not stop his heart to rule his mind.  For once, the huge man had tears in his eyes. His farewell was emotional. It revealed his human side — the human side of one of the game’s most feared and ...more

Rembrandt of Golf

When Jack Nicklaus, the Midas man of golf, won the senior US Open, over three decades ago, in style, what was expected had, indeed, happened. True, Nicklaus could have romped home to victory more quickly and easily, even if he had missed a couple of shots. All part and parcel of any vocation? You be...more

Limits of Being a Genius

Tennis, in more ways than one, is akin to formulation: of what to do, how, when, and where. Agreed that anybody can hit forehands, backhands, serves, and volleys; but, for the best, and the gifted, tennis is a game of intelligence — a sport that is not only played with a ball and a racquet, but be...more